Will Tennessee Titans star Derrick Henry be screwed at ESPYs?

Derrick Henry #22, Tennessee Titans (Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images)
Derrick Henry #22, Tennessee Titans (Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images) /

If you’re a sports fan, you have absolutely no excuse to scream the words ‘I’m bored’ as the second full weekend of July approaches (even if there is no Tennessee Titans game to watch). There’s everything from the LPGA Tour to horseracing to Major League Baseball to The NBA Finals to choose from. There’s also the ESPYs at 8 P.M. EST on ABC if you’re interested.

Here’s why that latter nugget is important if you’re a Titans enthusiast. The King, Derrick Henry, is nominated for the Best NFL Player Award.

You can actually vote for him below. Take a look.

The Tennessee Titans star deserves his hardware, but will Derrick Henry win?

Let’s just look at the resume over the past two seasons. He’s a two-time Pro Bowl nod. He’s been the rushing yards leader twice, the rushing touchdowns leader twice, and a Second-Team All-Pro in 2019.

That last honor preceded his addition to the NFL’s First-team All-Pro roster in 2020, and just to drive the point home about his brilliance, in 2020, he also scored the NFL Offensive Player of the Year Award as he ran his way into the 2,000-yard club. He’s only the eighth player to do that. O. J. Simpson, Eric Dickerson, Barry Sanders, Terrell Davis, Jamal Lewis, fellow Titan Chris Johnson, and Adrian Peterson are the others.

Derrick Henry doesn’t just deserve an ESPY, he deserves the MVP Trophy. The Titans don’t go anywhere these past two seasons without him. Heck, they aren’t going anywhere in 2021 without him.

Now, using Merriam-Webster as a source, by definition The King has done everything to prove he’s valuable. He’s clearly the embodiment of being the best at something. Name another running back that’s better than Derrick Henry. Don’t worry. There’s no rush. Take your time.

See? You can’t think of one, can you? Derrick Henry might be the most valuable player to his team in the NFL right now, and his resume clearly indicates that he’s in a class by himself, but as far as awards shows go, here’s some advice. Don’t hold your breath.

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As fans of the two-tone blue, everyone’s cheering for The King, but we’ve also seen Grammys go to popular artists who are not necessarily the most talented. We’ve seen the Heisman Trophy go to the best quarterback, wide receiver, or running back and not necessarily the best player for quite some time. We’ve seen the MVP Award in the NFL go to the best quarterback on the best team or the quarterback with the best statistics. Yes, we’ve seemingly lost our way.

So, yes fans. Our fingers are crossed for King Henry. Our votes at Titan Sized are already in, but are we confident that he’ll get his just due on Saturday night? Let’s just put it this way. We won’t be shocked as a staff if yet another screw job takes place.