Tennessee Titans training camp running back depth chart

Khari Blasingame #41, Tennessee Titans (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
Khari Blasingame #41, Tennessee Titans (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /

The 2021 calendar year continues to fly by, and if you’re a Tennessee Titans fan, that’s excellent news. The two-tone blue approaches one of its most anticipated seasons of the last decade or so, and everyone seems to be of the same mindset.

The 2019-2020 season was a pleasant surprise. The 2020-2021 NFL season didn’t quite end how some thought it would, and now, that the first full week of July nears its end, all anyone who has ever cheered for this team can think about, whether that be in Houston or in the Volunteer State or both, is that this could be the year a Vince Lombardi Trophy is hoisted.

Much of that will rest on the shoulders of the Titans’ offensive MVP, Derrick Henry, but after watching him notch so many carries and take so many shots over the past two seasons, Tennessee needs to be intentional about spelling him from time to time and building a rotation at tailback, so The King is fresh all season.

Here’s the Tennessee Titans RB depth chart as we approach training camp.

1. Derrick Henry: We can all call this one now. It’s pretty safe to say that, regardless of what happens at camp, Derrick Henry has a spot on this roster.

2. Jeremy McNichols: This is actually Jeremy McNichols‘ second stint here as he had a tryout on August 23rd and re-signed with the team three days later on August 26th.

Don’t let the journeyman feel fool you. In his first stint here, he appeared in 16 games and one postseason contest and notched 208 yards, eight first downs, and a touchdown on 205 carries, Regardless of how he got here or why, right now, he might be the Titans second most talented runner behind The King.

3. Khari Blasingame (fullback): Brian Hill is actually an inch taller than Khari Blasingame (and Tory Carter for that matter) but in terms of physical structure, he’s also the closest thing that the Titans have to Derrick Henry.

If the bottom falls out and something happens to Henry or McNichols, this is the guy that you want getting the bulk of the carries.

4. Darrynton Evans: Year one didn’t go as expected for Darrynton Evans, but that’s okay. He’s healthy and figures to have an outstanding sophomore campaign. Keep an eye on him. Coaches see him as a potential Swiss Army knife as he’s been lining up everywhere from the backfield to the slot wide receiver position during practices.

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5. Brian Hill: If the Tennessee Titans keep five tailbacks instead of four, this could be the guy. If he hits the corner and turns upfield, it’s over for the defense.

6. Mekhi Sargent:  Though talented, this rookie out of Iowa has a tough uphill climb to make the roster. All roads probably lead to the practice squad here.

7. Tory Carter (fullback): One of two fullbacks on the roster, like Sargent, Tory Carter appears to have a tough hill to climb stranger things have happened, but the Tennessee Titans have two fullbacks on the roster and, as of right now, the veteran is ahead of the undrafted rookie (as he should be).