PFF names Tennessee Titans worst draft pick since 2006

Jake Locker, Tennessee Titans (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
Jake Locker, Tennessee Titans (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images) /

It’s moments like these where, as a Tennessee Titans fan, you can slow down, think about what your team has done, and reflect. Despite a few hiccups, the general manager, Jon Robinson, has done a spectacular job of building this team year in and year out. The franchise has come a long way from the albatross of mediocrity that fans of the two-tone blue have had to witness from 2009 to 2015.

Those certainly were some tough times, weren’t they? Seasons that ended with this team being eliminated from postseason contention were common, and there were years where it felt like Tennessee was only playing for draft positioning.

Sometimes, they got it right. Often, they made the wrong choice. That’s a big reason why Jon Robinson has his job.

PFF names the Tennessee Titans’ worst draft pick of the past 15 seasons.

Love them or hate them, they’re hard to ignore. The stat gurus over at Pro Football Focus are at it again. Recently, they named every team’s worst draft pick of the past 15 seasons. Drumroll please. Taking that honor home for the Tennessee Titans is former NFL quarterback Jake Locker. Here’s what Michael Renner, the writer of this one, had to say:

"Locker actually showed some flashes at times in his career with the Titans, but he himself said he lost the desire to play after multiple injuries — and it showed on the field. Four years into his career, Locker walked away from the game for good, having earned PFF grades of 64.6, 70.8, 70.2 and 47.9."

That definitely isn’t what you’re looking for when you take a guy with the eight-overall selection of any NFL Draft, but the challenge flag has been thrown from the Titan Sized staff on this one. The worst draft pick of the last 15 years has to be Isaiah Wilson, doesn’t it?

At least the Tennessee Titans got 30 games with 23 starts and nine wins out of Jake Locker. They got one game and three snaps out of Wilson in 2020. Sure, nine wins in 23 starts for Locker isn’t saying much, but that’s better than DeShone Kizer‘s 0-15 effort in 2020.

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Kizer was playing for the Cleveland Browns then, but you get the point. While Locker was awful, very awful, the Tennessee Titans can and have done a lot worse. Isaiah Wilson is evidence of that.