Ranking starting RBs Tennessee Titans are expected to face in 2021

Jonathan Taylor #28, Indianapolis Colts (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)
Jonathan Taylor #28, Indianapolis Colts (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images) /
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Tennessee Titans
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The Tennessee Titans aren’t the only NFL team with an impressive tailback.

It’s easy to want to talk yourself out of this as a fan, but the running back position isn’t that dying position that people keep trying to make it out to be. Okay, maybe ‘dying’ isn’t exactly the term that you want to utilize. That’s probably a bit dramatic. Tennessee Titans star, Derrick Henry is proof of that. Not only are running backs still important but there are also guys, like The King, who can carry the full load.

The question is a simple one. How long do you want them to do so? Titans fans should know this better than anyone, but as ridiculous as it may sound to give the two-time defending rushing champion and newest member of the 2,000-yard club fewer carries, no one wants to see his career wind up being shorter than it ought to be. Think back to the time when the Titans ran both Eddie George and Chris Johnson into the ground.

As good as Henry is, there’s the danger of overutilizing him. NFL tailbacks are enjoying much shorter careers these days, but in order for the Titans to accomplish some lofty goals during and at the end of the 2021-2022 season, they won’t just need to fuel their own running game. They’ll need to short circuit the running games of the teams that will be on the opposing sideline now that