Tennessee Titans help launch flag football league for girls

Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports)
Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports) /

For one reason or another, the voices of women have often been, over the course of time, ignored when it comes to sports and sports journalism. That’s something that several networks, professional sports leagues, and organizations like the Tennessee Titans have worked tirelessly to change.

After all, it wasn’t that long ago that the Titans added Mical Johnson as a part of the Amy Adams Strunk Women in Football Program. Johnson was hired as the first woman to work in Tennessee’s scouting department and enjoy a full-time role.

Two of the Tennessee Titans’ four owners are women, Amy Adams Strunk and Susie Adams Smith (Kenneth S Adams Jr. and Thomas S. Smith are the other two). Stating that they’ve done an amazing job would be an understatement. It would also be disrespectful. The Titan’s ownership group is among the best in the NFL, and now, they’ve done something else worth commending. This one ought to put a smile on your face.

The Tennessee Titans have helped in launching a flag football league for girls.

According to Play Football via NFL.com, in conjunction with the Williamson County Sports Conference, the Tennessee Titans have announced that they will assist in forming the first-ever interscholastic flag football league for girls in the state of Tennessee.

There are nine public high schools in Williamson County, and each one of them will include flag football as an extracurricular sport that girls can enjoy beginning in the spring of 2022. The schedule will consist of a six-week, eight-game season, one that will begin in March.

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Each of the nine teams will automatically qualify for the league championship, one that’s tentatively scheduled to occur at Nissan Stadium in May. In the meantime, how about a hand for everyone that assisted in putting this together and a tip of the cap and a thumbs up for every young girl who will be competing? This is one of those things that is truly an honor to talk about.