3 Former Tennessee Titans who might not be done playing

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There are several former Tennessee Titans who don’t look like they’re done playing.

We’ve gone from a time where we often heard that professional athletes make too much money to an atmosphere where we don’t hear it as much. If you’re a Tennessee Titans fan, you’ve watched enough football to know that careers can be fleeting. What’s the point you ask? It’s actually quite simple.

Doctors and lawyers don’t normally see their careers end because they tear an ACL, and football careers often end when that first rookie year does. How can we blame these guys for trying to cash in as best they can?

For quite a few NFL stars, they await their next opportunity while sitting in the free-agency pool. The phone doesn’t seem to be ringing. The interest in you seems to be dwindling, but many of those guys haven’t hung up the cleats or given up. Good for them. Playing in the NFL is a dream come true, and you can’t knock them for wanting to hold on to that dream for as long as they can.

Former Tennessee Titans offensive lineman Marshall Newhouse is one such veteran. He’s 32 years young which is often seen as ancient by NFL standards, but he’s available if anyone wants to take a flier on him, as are the three men on this list. Here’s a ranking of four guys who don’t appear to be done playing.