Several Tennessee Titans stars are hyped about those Oilers throwbacks

Steve McNair #9, Eddie George #27, Tennessee Oilers Mandatory Credit: Andy Lyo
Steve McNair #9, Eddie George #27, Tennessee Oilers Mandatory Credit: Andy Lyo /

Well, it looks like that secondary helmet thing is going to happen. Those of you who self-identify as Tennessee Titans fans and are lovers of nostalgia will love this (or are probably already well aware of it), but it appears the NFL will be lifting its ‘one-shell rule’, a well-known league-wide regulation that forbids teams from rocking alternate headgear.

In the past, we had been told that the NFL had this guideline in place as part of their safety regulations (and there’s nothing wrong with that), but there’s long been this desire by fans to see some of the old classics. You all can argue among yourselves over what falls in the category of classic and what doesn’t.

Tennessee Titans stars seem pumped about potentially rocking some Oilers gear.

Unless you’ve been selecting some of those classic ensembles on Madden before kicking off, you haven’t seen those classics in Denver that we used to see John Elway and the Orange Crush rock. Those powder blue classics still work whether you’re a fan of the San Diego or Los Angeles Chargers too.

We’ll table all discussions about those creamsicle Buccaneers jerseys for a later date, but while we’re on the subject, it might not be too far out of the realm of possibility that the Titans throw on those old Houston/Tennessee Oilers digs. It appears that some of the team’s biggest stars, Derrick Henry and Taylor Lewan for instance, are pumped about the possibility of that happening. Take a look for yourself.

Every NFL team will have until July 31st, 2021 to respond to the memo that was sent out by the NFL’s offices on June 24th and advise if the said team will be interested in utilizing an alternate helmet during the coming season.

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By the looks of things, every Titans fan isn’t quite on the bandwagon yet, but when you think about the name ‘Jazz’ in Utah or ‘Lakers’ in Los Angeles, you start to think that a day honoring Tennessee Oilers football isn’t as weird as some are suggesting.