5 Tennessee Titans who should be cut before taking a snap in 2021

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DeShone Kizer, Tennessee Titans
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. . DeShone Kizer, quarterback. 1. player. 35.

There has to be a better backup option for the Tennessee Titans than DeShone Kizer.

Okay, we know. DeShone Kizer looked really good in minicamp, and everyone should be excited. Let’s be honest though. How much can you really gain from minicamp?

It’s the middle of June. No one has any pads on, and quarterbacks have on those bright red jerseys to keep guys from getting close.

What can we say about Kizer at this point of what’s still a young NFL career? He can be coached. He still has a way to go, and even though he’ll forever be linked to an 0-16 squad from Cleveland in 2017, three teams have thought enough about him to add him to their rosters, the most recent being the Tennessee Titans.

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0-16 is 0-16 though. Some of that falls in the lap of a Cleveland Browns team that didn’t have much going for itself at any level of its infrastructure. Some of that falls totally in the lap of DeShone Kizer. They’re an extension of the head coach on the field (at least they’re supposed to be). They’re the only guys on the playing field that have a win-loss total attached to their names.

The Titans are set with Ryan Tannehill. He’s had quite the resurgence, if anything happens to him, this team has problems that Kizer and Logan Woodside aren’t going to be able to fix. Here’s a message for  Jon Robinson: Get a real backup on this roster immediately.