Tennessee Titans potential trade targets that are still interesting

Jon Robinson, Tennessee Titans (Imagn Images photo pool)
Jon Robinson, Tennessee Titans (Imagn Images photo pool) /
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Tennessee Titans
Jon Robinson, Tennessee Titans, Mandatory Credit: Imagn Images photo pool,  The Tennessean /

Are the Tennessee Titans done finetuning this talented roster?

Wow! What an offseason it’s been. There were holes for the Tennessee Titans to fill, and executive vice president and general manager Jon Robinson did just about as great a job as a fan could ask for filling them. Every time most of us thought there were no options or that the salary cap would get in this team’s way, he just waved his magic wand and worked his magic.

Now, the Titans aren’t just coming off of a double-digit winning season and a division title. They’re potentially going to be better than they were a season ago. Meanwhile, the Jacksonville Jaguars are possibly a year or two away from being contenders, and the Houston Texans have no talent and seemingly no draft picks to help them find some.

That means, if our guesses are accurate, Tennessee’s biggest threat to divisional superiority over the next two seasons might be a pesky Colts team from Indianapolis. Look for Robinson to continue to tweak the roster as we near training camp and the regular season. He’s going to do all that he can to make sure the Titans have the best roster possible.

Consider this an attempt to give him some help that he probably doesn’t need. Here are three guys the Titans could still trade for, two of which have never really made headlines as scenarios the Titans are actually eyeing, but they both make sense.

Adding one of these guys could potentially be the move to put the Titans over the top and maybe help them put two more wins (or more) in the win column.