Tennessee Titans will field AFC South’s top three WRs and it’s obvious

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Josh Reynolds rounds out a talented Tennessee Titans trio.

This is going to be met with some pushback because people don’t give Josh Reynolds the benefit of the doubt. However, strictly looking at the numbers and the handicap of having Jared Goff as his quarterback, Josh Reynolds has a lot of upside. (A lot of time was placed into this argument, and the results can be found here).

Earlier in this story, it was mentioned that there would be more analysis later about Brandin Cooks’s one season without 1,000 receiving yards. Well, here’s what happened.

In two seasons with the Rams, Cooks had 1,787 yards which included a disappointing 2018 season where he only managed 583 yards. 2018 was the best version of Jared Goff and while the 2019 version of Goff wasn’t his worst effort it still wasn’t very good.

Cooks bounced back after being traded to the Texans by nearly doubling his receiving yards. This is important because it establishes that receivers are better without Jared Goff.

So, let’s take a look at Josh Reynolds and Brandin Cooks during their two seasons together in L.A.

2018-2019 Brandin Cooks: 122 receptions, 1,787 receiving yards (14.6 ypr), 7 touchdowns,

2018-2019 Josh Reynolds: 50 receptions, 728 receiving yards (14.6 ypr), 6 touchdowns

This is just another example that, more than anything else it looks like an increase in volume and a massive upgrade at quarterback all point to a much better season from Josh Reynolds than anyone anticipates.