Tennessee Titans will field AFC South’s top three WRs and it’s obvious

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Who’s the biggest challenger to the Tennessee Titans claim?

Houston Texans star Brandin Cooks doesn’t get enough respect for what he has done during his NFL career. In five of the last six seasons, Cooks has managed to rack up seasons with 1,000-plus receiving yards.

More about that one season where he missed the mark later, but that stretch deserves more praise.

Teams in the NFL take notice because he has been a valuable commodity on the trade market whenever his name has been put on the trade block.

Currently, Cooks is the best weapon on the Houston Texans roster and there are very serious questions about whether Deshaun Watson will even play for the Tennessee Titans’ AFC South rivals ever again.

It is hard to put a team in a position where the entire offense’s production is put on a single receiver, but the Texans are dangerously close to that being the situation in 2021. For all of his career success, this should still be a big concern for Texans fans.

Keep in mind, in four of those five 1,000-yard seasons mentioned earlier, Cooks was catching passes from Tom Brady, Drew Brees, or Deshaun Watson. The other season was piloted by Jared Goff during the L.A. Rams’ Super Bowl run when Goff was having the best season of his career by far.

This season will tell everyone whether Cooks is a truly elite receiver, or if he has just benefited from being a good deep threat with elite quarterback play around him.