Tennessee Titans may have already found their backup in DeShone Kizer

DeShone Kizer, Tennessee Titans (14) Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports images
DeShone Kizer, Tennessee Titans (14) Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports images /

Though we’re always reminded that ‘it’s just minicamp’ and that we should never take too much from guys running around without pads on for three days or so, Tennessee Titans fans shouldn’t ignore everything that they see either. Whenever we get to this point of the calendar year and our favorite teams have begun their Summertime breaks before gearing up for another training camp, we’re normally locked into conversations about what we’ve just seen.

That’s where DeShone Kizer comes in. He figures to be an important conversation piece whenever fans of the two-tone blue are discussing the most important and quite possibly the most recognizable position in all of NFL football, the quarterback position. He was getting rave reviews after Tennessee’s three-day mandatory minicamp session wrapped.

DeShone Kizer may have already secured the backup QB role for the Tennessee Titans.

DeShone Kizer is never going to run past defenses a la Lamar Jackson. He can’t deliver perfect passes with his body in any position like Aaron Rodgers. He isn’t as big or as physical as Cam Newton was in his prime. Kizer is a big boy though at six-foot-four and 235 pounds though (which makes him an inch shorter and ten pounds lighter than Mr. Newton).

You’ve probably learned by now, if you’ve been following his career, that he isn’t ever going to be starting quarterback material, but he can help his team win games if he’s forced into action in the event of an emergency.

As a starter, he’s the owner of an 0-15 win-loss total. No, for real, he is! Remember that Cleveland Browns team that didn’t win a game in 2017? Yeah, he was the starter for those guys. Kizer’s career totals look like this.

He’s appeared in 18 games with the aforementioned 15 starts. He’s thrown for 3,081 yards while completing 275 of 518 passes, which is good for a 53.1 completion percentage. He’s tossed only 11 touchdowns versus 24 interceptions. One would have to imagine that he’s better than Logan Woodside though.

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The latter has one completion for seven yards on his NFL resume. Couple that with his experience and the fact that trusted Tennessee Titans insiders like Buck Reising and Turron Davenport are of the opinion that he was impressive during minicamp, and we can all arrive at a similar conclusion.

Sure, some of what you see at minicamp must be taken with a grain of salt, but you can’t completely ignore everything you see there either. In the event that anything happens to Ryan Tannehill, Kizer should and probably will be the next man up. That shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.