Tennessee Titans should consider reaching out to Jesse James

Jesse James #83, Detroit Lions (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)
Jesse James #83, Detroit Lions (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images) /

Almost two full months have gone by, and though the following question isn’t asked as often, it will still pop up from time to time if you’re a Tennessee Titans fan. How on Earth could this team let three days and seven rounds of the most recent NFL Draft come and go without ever addressing the tight end position?

Most fans, draft pundits, and members of the media had identified that as one of the team’s biggest areas of need. Losing someone like Jonnu Smith would be a loss for any NFL franchise, but even though Tennessee did a good job of finding guys to satisfy their needs in some other areas, seven rounds, again, came and went without the two-tone blue adding a tight end.

Might the Tennessee Titans consider Jesse James?

So, here we are, again, almost two full months removed from the most recent selection meeting, and the Tennessee Titans have been busy. They’ve added Julio Jones. Rumor has it that they could be in play to strike a deal with the Philadelphia Eagles to acquire Zach Ertz (or they could wait and see if he’s released and then go sign him).

Adding Ertz presents two issues, however. One, he’d almost certainly force the Titans to part with valuable draft capital. Second, he commands a 2021 salary of somewhere around $8.5 million. There are other options if the Titans want to add to their tight end room though.

Tennessee still has some options in free agency, and one of which is Jesse James. No, he isn’t as good as Ertz. No, he isn’t as good as Jonnu Smith, but he has a few other things working for him. He’s 27 years young. He’s racked up over 150 receptions. He’s appeared in 94 games with 57 starts if you include the playoffs.

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Think of James and Ertz as you would Samsung and Sony TVs. One isn’t as great as the other and doesn’t claim to be, but if you hope is to pay less and still bag something that’s almost as good, the Samsung (James in this case) might be a better buy than the Sony (Ertz). We’ll have to wait and see if the Titans agree.