Tennessee Titans 3 most dangerous opposing offenses on their schedule

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Jameis Winston
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New Orleans Saints. 3. team. 15. . .

A lack of familiarity and a new face at QB spells trouble for the Tennessee Titans.

Unless the New Orleans Saints and Tennessee Titans find their way into the Super Bowl at the exact same time, these two proud franchises are only going to see each other once every four years. In saying that, you have to keep something in mind.

Saints have been in one Super Bowl, a win. The Tennessee Titans have been to football’s biggest game once, and ever since that night, Titans fans have asked themselves one thing.

What if Kevin Dyson would have made his cut on that slant pattern just one yard deeper?

What does that have to do with the present you ask? Absolutely nothing! Here’s the thing though. Teams will always be better prepared for a rival that they see twice annually than another team that they alternate home and road visits with every four years. The Saints, in that scenario, are the latter.

Tennessee’s game versus New Orleans falls between a trip to Los Angeles to face the Chargers and a home date versus the hated Houston Texans. Both games will make it even more difficult to prepare for a team the Titans aren’t very familiar with.

No one knows what the Saints offense will look like with Jameis Winston either, but Michael Thomas, Sean McVay, Taysom Hill, and Alvin Kamara will all be there. No one should look at this game like a walkthrough, especially Tennessee, but with so many unknowns, this could be a game that adds to the level of Titans fans from start to finish. Put a huge asterisk by this one if you’re a fan.