Tennessee Titans rookie Dez Fitzpatrick’s biggest weaknesses revealed

Dez Fitzpatrick #7, (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Dez Fitzpatrick #7, (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

Well, Tennessee Titans fans have officially turned the calendar from May to June. In all honesty, that statement, by itself, typically over the course of this great franchise’s history hasn’t really meant much other than Summertime nears and everyone’s a little closer to training camp. This year, however, June feels different.

Though nothing has happened yet, June 1st means that Julio Jones‘ final day as a member of the Falcons could be upon us. We’ve seen him work out with another former member of the Crimson Tide, The King, Derrick Henry. Several Titans have done their best to aid in his recruitment process, A.J. Brown being one of them.

There’s a debate going on in the Tennessee Titans fan base.

When you think about that, the mind can take you in two different directions. One argument is this. All of this can be dismissed as guys wanting to be better, and they’re using their voices to woo a guy that they see as someone who can make that happen.

Here’s another theory too, and this one also makes sense. Could the argument be made that this is an admission that players on the Titans roster aren’t as convinced as everyone keeps telling us that this wide receiver corps, as it’s currently constructed, isn’t good enough as is? That’s a fair question, right?

Here’s an answer to all of your questions as Titans fans.

It’s become painfully apparent when you participate in certain discussions, that the Tennessee Titans’ fan base is split on this. They shouldn’t be though. The Titans have an underrated gem in Dez Fitzpatrick. He’s going to surprise some people and help Tennessee to a top-ten ranking for their wide receiver corps this season.

That isn’t to say that the rookie isn’t without flaws, and that’s okay. He’s a rookie. He’s supposed to have a few, and that’s why teams employ position coaches. Fitzpatrick wouldn’t have been drafted in Round 4 had he been seen as an obvious first-rounder, but at six-foot-two and 210 pounds, this young man is no slouch either.

Here are a few notes Tennessee Titans fans will find interesting.

Recently, in his NFL Draft profile on NFL.com, Lance Zierlein compliments Fitzpatrick on his “build-up speed”, his “ability to create movement with route leverage on the third level”, and his ability “to make late adjustments”.

Here’s what he sees as some of the weaknesses:

"He’s likely pigeon-holed as a deep-ball guy.Average foot quickness to elude press.Consistently pounded by route redirection.Fails to gain separation out of breaks underneath.Tight hips put him on skates getting into deep comebacks.Didn’t make the same read as the quarterback on several different occasions.Won’t be able to slip many tackles after the catch.Too many focus drops with inconsistent catch radius."

Again, none of that is something that he can’t be coached out of. Here’s a message for Tennessee Titans fans. Relax!

If the financial aspects of everything can be worked out, it would be ridiculous to say that Julio Jones wouldn’t help this team. Seriously, who do you double-team, A.J. or Julio? If it doesn’t work out though, understand something. Dez Fitzpatrick will be fine.

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He hauled in 154 receptions for 2,589 yards, and 21 touchdowns in 45 career games at the collegiate level, and he often did so with less than stellar quarterback play. Many of the gifts that helped him do so translate to the NFL level. Great things are on the horizon for this Titans receiving corps with Jones or without him, but who are we kidding? It would be nice to have Julio on this roster.