When could a Tennessee Titans trade for Julio Jones happen?

Jon Robinson, Tennessee TitansMandatory Credit: Imagn Images photo poolMandatory Credit: The Tennessean
Jon Robinson, Tennessee TitansMandatory Credit: Imagn Images photo poolMandatory Credit: The Tennessean /

In Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers is asking for a trade and holding out of OTAs. Deshaun Watson’s trade rumors are still alive and well, but the main topic on everyone’s mind is whether Julio Jones is going to be traded to the Tennessee Titans or some other team.

While everyone is frantically refreshing Twitter to see if another player is campaigning for the prolific receiver, or if the Tennessee Titans are the mystery team that offered up a future 1st round pick for Julio Jones (unless that rumor was just a smokescreen put out by the Atlanta Falcons to push teams to up their offers), it may be alright to take a break for a while.

Here’s something Tennessee Titans fans may find interesting.

Josina Anderson kindly fielded questions in her mentions about which teams may or may not be in the mix for Julio Jones and subtly dropped this nugget:

Anderson seems to be implying that there is nothing imminent with a Julio Jones trade, which does make sense because they can’t officially trade him until June 2nd anyone due to the cap implications of trading him before that deadline.

So, if a deal isn’t going to happen until at least Tuesday, is there any reason to think that a deal is going to get done any time soon? Are the Falcons going to wait until mid-July to trade their star receiver?

Well, not according to a report from Dianna Russini who said this:

So the Falcons seem resigned to wait until after the deadline to really narrow down their choices on where they want to send Julio. However, it does look like there is some sense of urgency and that they don’t see any additional value in holding on to him for an extended period of time.

What time frame are Tennessee Titans fans looking at?

With that in mind, it looks like Julio Jones is most likely to be traded somewhere between June 2nd and June 4th (Wednesday and Friday of next week).

It might be worth noting that the Tennessee Titans have OTAs scheduled for June 3rd and June 4th, but the front office should have the day wide open on June 2nd and the night of June 4th where they can be 100% focused on acquiring Julio Jones if that is their true goal.

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The only thing that we know for sure is that it does seem like players want Julio Jones in Tennessee, Julio Jones potentially wants to be in Tennessee, and now the only question is whether or not a deal makes sense for both sides.