Tennessee Titans insider doesn’t like Atlanta’s asking price for Jones

Julio Jones #11 (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Julio Jones #11 (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

When in doubt, seek the opinions of experts, and if you’re one of those Tennessee Titans fans that haven’t already become physically fatigued by the constant barrage of Julio Jones news, you’re probably close to arriving at that point. Will they or won’t they already? If they aren’t, let’s close the book on this and move onto something else! Sheesh!

Tennessee, after losing Corey Davis in free agency, added Josh Reynolds in March and Dez Fitzpatrick during the 2021 NFL Draft. They also added Kalija Lipscomb during rookie minicamp after inviting him in for a tryout. None of those guys start over Jones however if Tennessee was to add him, so the reasons for intrigue are obvious, but so are the obstacles.

Jones is both a salary and a cap nightmare, and recently, one of the team’s insiders shared his thoughts on the what-ifs and the ins and outs of what it would take to pull off what now seems like the impossible.

Okay Tennessee Titans fans, let’s put this to bed (again).

TennesseeTitans.com senior writer and editor Jim Wyatt is a mainstay in the Titans organization and always provides wisdom and perspective. Recently, in his mailbag, he tackled questions and answers from a fan base that is hungry for another deep playoff run and possibly a Lamar Hunt Trophy.

What does he truly think about the possibilities? Take a look for yourself as he tackles one fan’s question on the real chances of signing Julio Jones.

"Hard to predict on this. I have no idea what other teams are considering, and how much it might take. I saw Adam Schefter report the Falcons are looking for a first-round pick. With that and his price tag, that’s pretty steep."

Another of the two-tone blue’s faithful shared his thoughts stating that he believed Jones’ age has to play a factor in all of this. Wyatt agrees, stating the following:

"I agree a first-round pick is too much, and like I said previously, the money part already makes it tough… but I think Derrick Henry’s opinion trumps mine. Ultimately the GM’s opinion is what matters most."

Here’s the long and short of everything Tennessee Titans fans.

To make long stories short, it isn’t happening folks, at least not until Atlanta lessens the asking price. The long and the short of everything is this.

Atlanta’s going to have a whale of a time getting someone to take on Jones’ salary and mortgage some of their future for a 32-year-old wide receiver, even if that 30-plus wideout is a future Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee. Sure, he’s still better than guys that are half his age, but here’s how this plays out.

Atlanta will play hardball for a while, but eventually, because no one is budging, they’re going to have to give up Julio Jones for less than they thought. They’ll get something out of the deal, but it won’t be what they imagined. They’ve basically hurt themselves in the negotiation with a contract that was always going to bite them in the rear-end later.

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Expect things to carry on as they have for a few more days or so, but when it comes down to it, Tennessee’s real negotiating power in this one comes later not sooner. Stay tuned, and try to hang in there. You’re right. This has truly become a narrative that’s gotten dry.