Tennessee Titans: Dez Fitzpatrick should see his stock should rise in 2021

Dez Fitzpatrick, Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: Mark Humphrey/Pool Photo via USA TODAY Sports)
Dez Fitzpatrick, Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: Mark Humphrey/Pool Photo via USA TODAY Sports) /

What you’re thinking is understandable. It wasn’t the best Tennessee Titans draft class, but it wasn’t the worst either. Everyone’s resigned themselves to the fact that, if these guys work out, it’s going to be fun, but even with that being said, there isn’t a fan of the two-tone blue that isn’t experiencing a little doubt or asking themselves this question.

“What if none of these guys work out”? If we’re being honest, successful arguments can be made for each of the Titans’ eight draft picks’ successes and failures, but that doesn’t make up for the fact that the brass’ strategy during the most recent NFL Draft’s three-day process still has some of the Titans faithful scratching their heads. here’s what you hear when you talk to your buddies at work when you huddle around the water cooler.

“Why didn’t this team draft a tight end”? “How is it possible to ignore what might have been one of their two biggest needs (wide receiver) until they made their fifth selection” (that was on Day 3 by the way).

Then, there’s this. When Tennessee finally called the name of a wide receiver, it was a man that many feel they reached on. Dez Fitzpatrick was the 109th-overall selection in Round 4, but some say that he could have gone much later. Well, Mr. Fitzpatrick has heard your critiques, and he’s taking things in stride.

Good for him. Frankly, that’s all you can ask for from a rookie who, regardless of where he was drafted, will have all eyes on him once the season begins.

The Tennessee Titans rookie wideout answers the doubters.

Jim Wyatt of TennesseeTitans.com cooked up a nice write-up on Fitzpatrick on May 19th. In it, the rookie was allowed to speak his piece. Here’s some of what was said in that one.

"I told the GM and the head coach on the phone when they drafted me: I am going to live up to all the expectations that they think I can do. I am going to work my tail off to prove everybody right and prove the Titans right and everybody else wrong of why they drafted me"

Short, succinct, and to the point. Most importantly, everyone’s on notice.

Dez Fitzpatrick hauled in 154 receptions for 2,589 yards and reached the end zone 21 times while with the Louisville Cardinals. Some of that was done with some pretty pedestrian quarterback play, but there’s no reason the six-foot-two, 208-pound prospect can’t mirror some of that in the NFL.

Since his arrival, the Tennessee Titans have also added Kalija Lipscomb. You already know how good A.J. Brown is. This Titans offense could be scary in 2021. As a matter of fact, they will be. Dez Fitzpatrick will be a big reason for that. You ask why? It’s simple. He doesn’t have to be the guy. He just has to be the guy that does what he’s asked to do. He’ll fill that role nicely.

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2021 will be a great year for Fitzpatrick. Expect his stock to rise. Don’t take the words of the Titan Sized staff though. Just wait and see. He’s going to prove that he was a steal, not a reach, in the 2021 NFL Draft