Tennessee Titans face one of NFC’s most dangerous offenses Week 1

Kyler Murray #1, DeAndre Hopkins #10 (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images)
Kyler Murray #1, DeAndre Hopkins #10 (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images) /

Well, by now, most of you have figured out the secret. You just can’t keep those hidden from NFL fans, you know? At the time of this story being published, we’re just a few hours out from the NFL’s official schedule release, but we already know who the Tennessee Titans‘ first opponent is.

We’ll know a lot about how much the two-tone blue’s defense has improved early as the two-tone blue has a date with the Arizona Cardinals in Week1. We have much to discuss.

Here are three thoughts about the Tennessee Titans’ first game.

1. This will be one of the Titans defense’s biggest tests all season. 

Kyler Murray, if he continues on the pace that he’s on, will, at some point, be a legitimate NFL MVP candidate. He’s that good.

Larry Fitzgerald, the legend, is gone, but in his place, the Cards added A.J. Green who clearly isn’t what he was but is still better than most of the wide receivers in the NFL.

Add Christian Kirk, rookie Rondale Moore, and the best receiver in the world, DeAndre Hopkins, to the mix, and a Titans defensive secondary that finished at the bottom of the league in every statistical category that anyone cares about won’t be getting any breaks in Week 1.

2. Who in the heck will have the responsibility of covering DeAndre Hopkins?

Speaking of Hopkins, does anyone have any idea who the Titans intend to throw at him? This time a year ago, the answer may have been Malcolm Butler, but come on. No disrespect is intended to Butler, but he isn’t necessarily what one might call elite.

It probably isn’t a good idea to throw Kristian Fulton out there, nor is it wise to put all of that pressure on a rookie who’s been hurt for as long as most of us can remember (Caleb Farley).

Tennessee can toy with the idea of helping with a safety over the top, but to make long stories short, how this is played could go a long way in deciding the game in Week 1. Fortunately, the Titans have all offseason to play with this.

3. The Titans’ offense should be able to score some points of their own.

Don’t be surprised if this one is low scoring and the Titans play ball control. Don’t be surprised if you see a shootout.

Tennessee has seen a resurgence from quarterback Ryan Tannehill since his arrival in Nashville, and as you know, they have the game’s best running back (Derrick Henry) and one of the game’s great young receivers on the squad as well (A.J. Brown).

Here are some final thoughts if you’re a Tennessee Titans fan.

The Cards are going to score points. They averaged over 25 points per contest in 2020, but they trailed the Tennessee Titans in that category. The two-tone blue boasts an offense that averaged more than 30 points per game. They can light it up too.

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This one’s in Nashville, so the west coast team has to travel across the country. That will favor the Titans, so look for a hard-fought win that the good guys come out on top in. Here’s a way-too-early prediction: Titans 31, Cards 27