Tennessee Titans final grades for all eight 2021 NFL Draft picks

Jon Robinson, Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports)
Jon Robinson, Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports) /
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The Tennessee Titans find a couple more wild cards in Round 4.

Round 4 Pick 109: Dez Fitzpatrick, WR, Louisville

Round 4 Pick 135: Rashad Weaver, LB, Pittsburgh

Another round where the Titans made two picks. First off the board was Dez Fitzpatrick, a wide receiver from the University of Louisville. Next off of the board was Rashad Weaver, an edge rusher out of Pittsburgh.

Here’s an honest statement. the Fitzpatrick pick was surprising. So many Titans fans and members of the media were pining for the Titans to draft a wideout. What’s uncertain is whether or not they got maximum value out of the guy that they landed.

Fitzpatrick has good size and is proficient at contested catches, but he isn’t all that athletic and disappeared at times when he was needed most. Many pundits had Fitzpatrick landing on the latter end of Day 3, but apparently, the Titans saw something they like in the wideout.

Rashad Weaver has not had a good start as a Titan. While we won’t speculate here, the young man has seen some legal trouble surface, and it is troubling. As far as his talent is concerned, he has the potential to be an elite edge rusher. Assuming he’s on the team, he should be a quality rotational pass-rusher.

The grade for Fitzpatrick: D

The grade for Weaver: Incomplete