Tennessee Titans rumors: Pros and cons of trading for Aaron Rodgers

Packers quarterback Aaron RodgersUsp Nfl Nfc Divisional Round Los Angeles Rams At S Fbn Usa Wi
Packers quarterback Aaron RodgersUsp Nfl Nfc Divisional Round Los Angeles Rams At S Fbn Usa Wi /
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Tennessee Titans
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Should the Tennessee Titans trade for Aaron Rodgers? That is the question.

Despite the fact that ESPN’s Adam Schefter is being ripped sans his May 6th Dan Patrick interview, you never know how these things will. Every hour, we hear something about the reigning NFL MVP, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers wanting out of his current situation. Recently, when ESPN discussed the teams who could potentially make a move for the quarterback, the Tennessee Titans were brought up.

Since the Packers didn’t get a megadeal done with anyone during the 2021 NFL Draft, it seems like draft position no longer matters. At this point, if a deal happens before now and the start of the 2021 season, you have to assume that the pick will be in the 20s or later given that any team Aaron Rodgers goes to will have…well Aaron Rodgers and the record that comes with that.

What would the Tennessee Titans offer?

So ESPN suggested this as an offer:

Packers get: QB Ryan Tannehill, 2022 first-round pick, 2023 first-round pick

Titans get: Rodgers, 2023 fourth-round pick

There is a lot to digest here, but something that everyone needs to remember in this discussion is that the Houston Texans are a team that is not afraid to take wild swings in trades and they could be very close to a deal that would give them the necessary draft capital to make this move.

If the Green Bay Packers are sold on Jordan Love, it wouldn’t be crazy for the Texans to be able to offer four or more first-round picks in the next two drafts.

So, the question isn’t just about whether the Titans should try to upgrade at quarterback, it is also about whether or not they want to make a move that potentially stops the Texans from being in the mix for Rodgers.