Tennessee Titans draft class gets a passing grade from well-known analyst

Tennessee Titans (Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images)
Tennessee Titans (Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images) /

These days, the world is a little different. These days, there are fans of all 32 teams that feel like they’re a better quarterback than the one that gets paid to lead their favorite team’s offense, and they believe that they can run a team or coach one because they got really good at playing Madden on the XBOX or Playstation. That’s true of all 31 NFL teams’ fan bases, and yes, that’s true of Tennessee Titans fans.

If you don’t believe that, you need only hang out on Twitter for a little while. That will change your mind in a hurry.

Cycling through social media will either fire you up in agreement of a profanity-ladened post that was just dropped, or it can serve as a reminder that, while, whether you want to believe that you’re a better general manager than Jon Robinson or not, you aren’t. That’s why he has the job and the rest of us don’t, but still, even with that being said, the guy isn’t perfect.

He’s going to make some bad judgment calls. He’s going to miss on draft picks from time to time. You have to come away from the three days that encompass the NFL Draft feeling like he did a good job though, even if you’re a little shaky on some of these guys and where they were taken (Monty Rice for example).

Mel Kiper chimes in on the Tennessee Titans’ most recent crop of draftees.

Depending on your cup of tea and age range, ESPN’s Mel Kiper is either someone whose opinion you respect or he’s one of those guys that make you feel like you should have tried your hand at sportscasting.

And, you know what? You might have a point there. Throw out everything that was said in those last few paragraphs.

He did well here though. In a recent deep-dive that he did on the Tennessee Titans’ most recent draft class, he put some interesting stuff together, including his theory that Caleb Farley is “the best man-to-man cover guy in this class but dropped out of the top 20 because of a couple back injuries”. Here are a few of his other highlights:

"I also liked the team taking Elijah Molden (100) in Round 3 because the five-foot-nine corner could play as the nickelback early. He had five interceptions in 2019.Credit general manager Jon Robinson for moving on quickly from the disastrous first-round pick of offensive tackle Isaiah Wilson a year ago, getting one of my favorite tackles in Round 2. Dillon Radunz (53) protected Trey Lance’s blindside at North Dakota State, but he’ll move over to right tackle in Tennessee. Linebacker Monty Rice (92) has some limitations in coverage, but he’s a thumper in the run game."

Kiper also says after failing to find a complement to A.J. Brown, Tennessee could still explore the idea of adding a veteran post-draft. He gives Tennessee’s newest eight members (undrafted free agents haven’t been added at the time of this story being written) an overall grade of B-.

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Say what you want about Mel Kiper Jr. He’s pretty spot on with this one. He gets a pass on the ‘some of the fans might actually be better than this guy’ argument. At least that’s how it stands right now.