Tennessee Titans fans must see this Caleb Farley simulation

Caleb Farley (Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports)
Caleb Farley (Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports) /

So, if you’re a Tennessee Titans fan, you had to feel pretty good when you woke up this morning, didn’t you? Your favorite football team just landed the young man that many draft pundits and experts believed was the best prospect in this class at the cornerback position when he’s one-hundred percent healthy.

What’s even better than that is this. they got him with the 22nd-overall selection in Round 1. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Caleb Farley, the former Virginia Tech standout is a Titan, but as much as we can debate his health and what he will or won’t become, the fact remains.

Regardless of what happens with an NFL team, things aren’t official and there isn’t any buzz until these types of things start getting tossed around on social media! Okay, maybe that isn’t true, but we’re all trying to have some fun here. Wait until you see this clip.

How about this if you’re a Tennessee Titans fan?

Some of these things may not matter to the rest of you, but we live in a world where we obsess over numbers. We peek at Pro Football Focus all of the time., even though we act as though we don’t. We reduce real people to Fantasy football points on our teams. We can’t wait to see what their overall and speed rating will be on EA Sports’ Madden when that drops.

Well, we aren’t alone on that one. Those NFL athletes don’t take kindly to looking slower on the game than they feel that they are in real life. We’re a long way from that, but EA Sports and the Tennessee Titans took some time to drop a clip of what Number 3 (if he keeps that jersey number) will look like in the two-tone blue.

Take a look.

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Now, come on. Didn’t that make you guys smile? We’re a long way from the Madden drop (or seeing what Mr. Farley’s overall rating will be on our favorite football simulation, but after perusing through the Tennessee Titans’ Facebook and Twitter accounts and after being woken up by Tennessee’s first-round selection on the final day of April, we can finally say this with the utmost sincerity.

Welcome to Nashville young man. This figures to be fun. Here’s to a long and injury-free run by Caleb Farley in a Tennessee Titans jersey. Opposing wide receivers beware! It’s time to ‘Titan Up’.