Analyzing who Tennessee Titans will select according to NFL Draft experts

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Charles Davis believes the Tennessee Titans will select…

The pick: Elijah Moore WR, Ole Miss

Say what you want about the rest of his picks, but Charles Davis has been laser-focused on the Tennessee Titans. When you think about it, it makes sense why the Titans would be a team that he has the inside scoop on.

Davis played at the University of Tennessee in his college days and he more than likely has a direct line to the VOTT Mike Keith who also went to UT and was a broadcaster there before coming to the NFL.

That connection goes back decades, and it probably explains how Charles Davis got involved in calling the Tennessee Titans preseason games over the last few seasons.

All of this insight led to some successful mock drafts for Davis. In 2018 he had the Tennessee Titans drafting Harold Landry in the first round (they clearly liked him because they traded up to draft him in the top of the second round).

In 2019, he hit a bullseye with Jeffery Simmons, and last year he had the Titans taking an offensive tackle even though it wasn’t the right one.

History suggests that this means the Tennessee Titans like Elijah Moore and that they are drafting a wide receiver in the first round unless they think they have a great value fall into their lap.