Tennessee Titans: 2021 NFL Draft will define Jon Robinson’s career

Jon Robinson (Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports image pool)
Jon Robinson (Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports image pool) /

Before we go any further, two things need to be established. One, as it stands right now, the Tennessee Titans‘ general manager Jon Robinson is top ten in the National Football League. Just ask around. The experts agree, and if find yourselves discussing this with your buddies or fellow employees at the water cooler, you won’t have very many issues with getting someone to agree.

Here’s that second point that we promised. Those types of accolades could disappear in a matter of months. Just look at the Philadelphia Eagles’ Howie Roseman. After Philly hoisted the first Vince Lombardi in the history of the franchise, Roseman was showered with all the love and affection that one man can receive.

The 2017-2018 NFL season ended with Roseman being awarded the Pro Football Writers Association Executive of the Year Award. Here we are, not even four years later, and the citizens of Philadelphia and Eagles fans all over the galaxy are, for the most part, ready to run Howie out of town.

One bad Tennessee Titans draft deserves a better one.

April 23rd is the one-year anniversary of the day the Titans made one of the biggest mistakes in franchise history. Some would say that it’s the biggest. With the 29th-overall selection, Tennessee selected Isaiah Wilson who is, without question, one of the top three busts this fan base has ever seen.

He saw the Reserve/COVID-19 list twice, a team suspension, the reserve/non-football illness list, and only appeared in one game before Robinson stated that “(Wilson) is going to have to make a determination on if he wants to do everything necessary to play pro football”. Wilson responded in a tweet that he deleted shortly after posting saying the following.

“I am done playing football as a Titan….No further comments”. The next thing you know, Isaiah Wilson is a member of the Miami Dolphins. His time in Nashville is best remembered for a DUI charge and leading police on a high-speed chase among other things (both were separate incidents).

The Tennessee Titans G.M. has a lot riding on this draft.

Now, we have to be fair. Jon Robinson can’t be blamed for Wilson swan diving off of a balcony to evade the police (when, in that case, he really wasn’t doing anything wrong), but when you add the fact that Tennessee didn’t really get much out of the rest of their 2020 draft class, the pressure mounts as this team really needs to fill some holes and find reliable depth options.

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They say winning cures everything, and maybe that and the Titans’ 11-5 win-loss total in 2020’s regular-season campaign masks some of the failures of the last draft class, but here’s what we can probably say with the utmost confidence. Another set of paltry contributions from another draft class will place one of the NFL’s best G.M.s (again, that can’t be argued) in some hot water very quickly. Jon Robinson has a lot riding on this draft.