Tennessee Titans full seven-round 2021 NFL mock draft

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Poljan gives the Tennessee Titans fans that TE prospect they’re searching for.

The 2021 NFL Draft is littered with tight ends who can catch but can’t block and guys who can block but weren’t asked to catch much. Perhaps you’ve been paying attention to the way Mike Vrabel wants his teams to look on offense. If you have, you’ve no doubt taken note of something.

If you want to play tight end for the Tennessee Titans, there are three traits those ‘offensive linemen with hands’ need to possess. They need to block. They need to know how to make those contested catches, and it wouldn’t be bad if they didn’t go down on first contact.

Place a checkmark in each of those boxes for Virginia’s Tony Poljan. We’ve seen him do all of those things at various points in his career. Now, as he moves to the professional ranks, he wants to make sure that he’s doing all of those things consistently.

A graduate transfer from the Central Michigan Chippewas, Poljan played well in 2020 and earned himself an invitation to the Senior Bowl. In 44 career games at the collegiate level, this six-foot-seven, 265-pound monster, after playing two seasons at quarterback, hauled in 83 passes for 1,129 yards and reached the end zone 12 times. Imagining him in the red zone should put a smile on the face of any true Titans fan.