Tennessee Titans top 3 cornerback options at 22nd selection

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847. . . . Caleb Farley, Virginia Tech. 1. player

Stop letting people get you riled up if you’re a Tennessee Titans fan.

By now, you’ve, no doubt been inundated with all of the discussions about how we might be overvaluing Caleb Farley. You’ve heard that he didn’t play corner that long. You’ve heard that he was recruited to the Virginia Tech Hokies to play wide receiver. There’s also a pretty good chance that you’ve heard about the injury concerns.

Let’s try and put a few minds at ease here. According to Peter King, Farley’s been given the green light medically. According to any draft or pro scout that’s worth his or her salt, Farley is still one of the top prospects at his position.

Then, there’s the good old-fashioned eyeball test. What does that tell us? Well, it’s quite simple actually. The eyeball test says, in the simplest of terms that this Caleb Farley guy has some concerns, just like every other prospect in this draft class, but when you slice it however you choose to do so, everyone gets led back to a similar conclusion. The dude’s pretty doggone special.

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Caleb Farley may very well be the third-best cornerback prospect behind Jaycee Horn and Patrick Surtain. Will he be available when the Titans are on the clock though? Would he fall under the category of the ‘best player available’ if that’s how Tennessee chooses to impose their draft strategy?

Those are two totally different arguments. Those are two questions we’ll have to wait and learn the answers to.