Tennessee Titans top 5 roster concerns ahead of 2021 NFL Draft

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The Tennessee Titans should look to add strong cover guys.

That sound you hear is a large portion of the Titans fan base that dropped whatever it was that they were carrying because they can’t figure out why the cornerback position isn’t ranked higher on this list. Before the free-agency frenzy even got going, Tennessee cut their starting corners, Malcolm Butler and Christopher Milton, in March and February respectively.

Currently, it feels like Janoris Jenkins and Christian Jackson could compete for starting roles on the outside if the season started today. Then again, you could add both Kristian Fulton and newly acquired Kevin Johnson’s name to that discussion.

The former was inactive for Week 5, Week 15, and Week 16. He also sat on Tennessee’s injured reserve from Week 8 to Week 14 after sustaining a knee injury in his rookie season.

Knowing that your team is on the verge of starting Jenkins, Jackson, Fulton, or Johnson doesn’t qualify as the worst news in the world. Unfortunately, that isn’t really the best news that you could ask for either. Here’s something we can all probably agree on though.

After finishing with a ranking of 28th or lower in just about every relevant category that relates to defensive football and stopping the other team’s passing attack, there isn’t anyone who believes the Titans wouldn’t be wise to find a couple of solid cover guys. Again, did you see how Deshaun Watson ate them alive in Week 17?