Tennessee Titans top 5 roster concerns ahead of 2021 NFL Draft

Tennessee Titans Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports image pool
Tennessee Titans Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports image pool /
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Tennessee Titans
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The 2021 draft offers an opportunity for the Tennessee Titans to get better.

You’ve heard the phrases for quite some time if you’re a fan of the Tennessee Titans or any of the other 31 teams in the NFL. Here are a few that you’ve probably stated recently. “Scouting isn’t an exact science”. “The draft is a crapshoot”. “(Fill in the blank) looks good on paper”.

If you’re a Titans fan, the 2021 roster isn’t quite where you want it yet, but it isn’t a lost cause either. It feels like this team is a few pieces away from really doing some damage, and even though the 2020-2021 NFL season didn’t quite produce the result you wanted, it was still a nice ride.

Great games always feel better when your team wins, and Tennessee’s final victory was a hard-fought triumph of the come-from-behind variety over the rival Houston Texans that gave the Titans the AFC South’s crown and a home playoff game. Tennessee’s final loss came one week later at the hands of those darn Baltimore Ravens.

In 2021, the Titans will look to post consecutive seasons in which the wins came in the double-digit variety. The road to building a roster all begins with that annual selection meeting in April. Here are five of their top needs as the NFL Draft nears.