Which Pro Days have the Tennessee Titans attended?

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Spectators look on during the University of Louisville’s Football Pro Day at the Trager indoor practice facility on Tuesday. March 30, 2021
As 6281 Proday

Names to remember for the Titans 2021 NFL Draft.

It isn’t any secret that the Tennessee Titans struggled to evaluate the 2020 NFL Draft prospects because they couldn’t go through their normal scouting process. Hopefully, that won’t be the case this year.

Everything isn’t back to normal by any means, but there are some key differences between this draft season and the 2020 draft season that should make Titans fans optimistic.

COVID protocols still say that you aren’t allowed to have prospects in NFL facilities for private meetings, but teams are now allowed to have up to three members of their front office at those events.

Being able to have Jon Robinson, Mike Vrabel, Monti Ossenfort, or any other member of the Titans front office present for testing and drills is huge. Maybe even more importantly, this gives the team a chance to go in and talk to the coaching staff and really figure out what makes these guys tick.

The only problem is that you can’t have Jon Robinson attend every Pro Day because some of them overlap or are across the country and it just isn’t logistically possible. I talked about the tough choices that Robinson and the Titans staff were going to have to make during the Pro Day grind and we are seeing that play out now.

As of Friday morning, the Titans have had someone at 13 different Pro Days and we have seen this all over social media. So I wanted to compile what we know and show which teams the Titans have been most interested in seeing.

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