Tennessee Titans 2020 regular season awards

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(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

An award-worthy 2020 season from many Titans

Welcome one, welcome all! To the biggest night of the year! Awards night! The 2020 Titans themed regular-season awards show. It’s like the ESPYs, but all about the Tennessee Titans… the… Titans-ys (official name in progress)?

Here is where we forget about what happens next. Maybe the Tennessee Titans will continue their all-in season through to the divisional round of the playoffs. Maybe their season will come to an end. But now, it doesn’t really matter. We just got done with 16 games of a regular season for goodness sake.

The efforts of the regular season are, of course, for what happens next. We play the games to win the games to play in the playoffs to win in the playoffs, and so on. But that doesn’t mean the accomplishments of that regular season aren’t worth revisiting.

And even more so, it doesn’t mean the accomplishments of that regular season aren’t worth celebrating. Through 11 different wins, the Tennessee Titans had more than a hearty handful of wonderful highlights. Just as through five different losses, they had their share of heart-wrenching lowlights. And here is where we acknowledge it all.

From the coaches to the players, the good moments to the bad, tonight, we award it all– and give credit where the credit is due.

This is your definitive regular-season awards show for the 2020 Tennessee Titans.

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