Why Packers vs Titans is huge, but there is still work to be done

Tennessee Titans (Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images)
Tennessee Titans (Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images) /

What would a Titans loss mean?

In a season filled with lots of unknowns, that is precisely what this Sunday night will be for the Tennessee Titans. A test to prove if this team is a contender, like last year’s playoffs, will let the league know about their arrival moving forward.

This season for Tennessee has been much of a surprise, as the team has officially beaten their 9-7 record of the last few years. At 10-4, the Titans are still fighting for a great spot in the playoff seeding. Indianapolis is on their tail, with a 10-4 record as well but a wildcard spot in their favor.
The Titans are traveling to Green Bay for a prime time game in weather that may favor their opponent. In 28 degree weather, the Titans will feel every hit and every fall. The severity of the cold is something that Green Bay is used to as they play in Northern Wisconsin.

While ESPN gives the Titans a 37% chance to win this game, it is very possible. The Packers are a team much like Tennessee, which has a lousy defense. Their run defense is one of the worst in the league, and with a guy like Derrick Henry, that can be very bad for their overall morale.

However, everyone knows about the woes on Tennessee’s defense. Their third-down defense is historically bad as they can’t seem to find ways to get off of the field. The Titans secondary has not played too well this season either. With a guy like Aaron Rodgers at the helm, he will find a way to get his receivers involved, even if they are not highly drafted talents.

This is a game that should be interesting for both sides. If Tennessee loses this one, they could be at risk of falling in their division, which would make them a wildcard team. However, Titans fans should not overreact if that does happen, and here is why.

Why Titans Fans Shouldn’t Overreact With a Loss

It all starts with the Pittsburgh Steelers, a team that beat the Tennessee Titans in their sixth game season. “Why the Steelers, though?” is what some of you may ask. Well, Pittsburgh has not played well the last three games, and in fact, are on a three-game losing streak. Two of those games were losses to bad teams in Washington and Cinncinatti, and the other to Buffalo.

Therefore, the Steelers may come out swinging on Sunday to try and prove their worth. Their opponent this Sunday, none other than division rival Indianapolis, who is riding Tennessee’s tail down the stretch of the season. With both the Titans and Colts at 10-4, a Tennessee loss could put the Colts in the Division lead with a win over the Steelers.

There is more of a probability that the Steelers win on Sunday than the Titans’ winning. At 38.1%, ESPN favors Pittsburgh in this matchup. At noon central time, be on the lookout for a Steelers win. If they do not win, the Titans will have to pull out a win at Lambeau Field.