Why this Tennessee Titans, Baltimore Ravens matchup is so important

Titans and Ravens have a history together.

The Tennessee Titans are coming off of a brutal loss to the Indianapolis Colts on Thursday Night Football and will need to bounce back this week or risk spiraling out of control. They will be taking on the Baltimore Ravens, who are also 6-3 and dealing with some struggles of their own.

There is no doubt that the game between the Tennessee Titans and the Baltimore Ravens this week will have some flaring tempers. To many, Tennessee’s win over Baltimore in the second round of the AFC playoffs was a fluke. But to the Titans, it was supposed to happen that way.

The team from Nashville will have plenty to prove in this one, especially with the comments made by the Ravens after the Titans beat them in Baltimore.

After the game last year, the NFL’s MVP and Ravens QB Lamar Jackson had this to say:

” We just beat ourselves. We had a lot of mistakes… that shouldn’t happen. But you know they came out and played, we just started off slow.”

Many Titans players took that personally, almost as if they did not earn their playoff victory, but it was handed to them off of unforced errors by a better team. I am sure that Tennessee would love to show the world that last season was not just dumb luck. T

Tennessee wants to show that they were the better team and still are.

As for the Ravens, they will probably come into this game very upset. With the taste of last year still in their mouth, I think we can see a very physical Baltimore team. Lamar Jackson and his squad were one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl going into the playoffs, and the Two-Toned Blue crushed every dream they had of going to Disney World.

Let us not forget the history these two organizations already had together, dating back to the 2000 season when the Ravens beat the Titans in the AFC divisional round. Or even in 2003, when the Tennessee Titans beat the Ravens in the Wildcard round.

There will be tempers flaring on Sunday, but it is all about who will rise to the occasion. Hopefully, the Titans can be the team to do it and take advantage of the Ravens’ troubles this year.