Tennessee Titans vs Chicago Bears: Winners and Losers

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Tennessee Titans defensive tackle Jeffery Simmons (98) comes onto the field for the game against the Chicago Bears at Nissan Stadium Sunday, Nov. 8, 2020 in Nashville, Tenn.

The good and the bad from Titans vs Bears.

The Tennessee Titans played the Chicago Bears in week nine of the 2020 season, and the defense finally stepped up.

However many fans are still hesitant. Was the defense good, or was the Bears offense really bad?

We won’t really know the answer to that until we see whether they can do it consistently but we do know that the Titans defense was better than the Bears offense. That is a good start.

I think it’s safe to say A.J. is now known around the league as a top ten receiver. He showed that Sunday even against a stingy Bears secondary. Going up against guys like Eddie Jackson and Kyle Fuller, and having a great game has got to say something about him as a player.

Ryan Allen, the new Punter that the Titans brought in to help while Kern is out, played well despite looking like he was about to get his punt blocked a few times. He averaged 50 yards a punt on eight punts and that doesn’t include the chemistry he already had with Stephan Gostkowski that dates back to their days with New England.

Let’s not forget ‘Big Jeff’.

Jeffery Simmons is molding into the elite talking we all thought he would be. He is getting better every game, but he is also getting smarter. He was a big reason for Desmond King’s fumble recovery for a touchdown, if you have seen the replay then you know he was the one who tracked the screen down from behind. The big guy also nearly had an interception and he had a sack negated by a penalty.

There is some obvious bad too. For example, the pass protection has to be a little better. Yes, they were playing an amazing defensive line, but Tannehill took some tough hits. Quick pressure allowed and drops from the receivers made the offense sputter more than they needed to this week.

All in all, it was a great win for the Titans. A much-needed one at that, coming off of a two-game losing streak.

Let’s get into some of the Individual winners and losers in this game for the Titans.

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