Week 7 NFL Power Rankings: Titans, Steelers & Seahawks stand alone

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Quarterback, Joe FlaccoÊof the Jets before the game between the Arizona Cardinals and the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium on October 11, 2020.
New York Jets At Metlife Stadium On October 11 2020

Week 7 NFL Power Rankings

There are only three unbeaten teams in the NFL and they are rightfully at or near the top of these power rankings.

The question now is, where do teams like the Tennessee Titans, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Seattle Seahawks stack up against the Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens among others?

We will get there, but let’s start in a familiar place: New York.

32. New York Jets (+0)

The fire sale has begun and it is time for New York Jets fans to completely move on from the players on this roster until next year.

At 0-6 and after a shutout against the Miami Dolphins, the Jets sit at the bottom of these power rankings as the only winless teams left in the NFL. With trades already starting, it is just going to be easier for fans to detach from all of the current players and then find another team to watch until the start of the offseason.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (-1)

So close, yet so far away. Not this week, but for most of this season, the Jaguars have been pretty competitive unlike some of the other teams at the bottom of these power rankings.

The Jags have a lot of pieces to build around, but this feels like a team that is going to end up in a crucial spot in the 2021 NFL Draft and I can’t help but think that they are going to make a decision to bet on a low-value position and miss out on a franchise quarterback in the process.

Regardless of the outcome, this season has to be dedicated to getting the young players better and finding out exactly what you have in Gardner Minshew and whether or not you are ready to bet your job on him if you are the GM.

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