Week 6 NFL Power Rankings: Chiefs fall, Seahawks rise

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(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

A new king is crowned in the NFL Power Rankings.

Another wild week in the NFL power rankings with several teams not playing and with some big-name teams losing.

I tried to be fair to the teams not on the field, but the league is a “what have you done for me lately” business and the power rankings are no different.

32. New York Jets (+0)

Even though many things in the league have been changing, it is nice to know that some things are constants. The rock that I build my house on is the last-place New York Jets providing context for the rest of the NFL.

Joe Flacco came in today in favor of a banged-up Sam Darnold, and the saddest thing was that there was almost no difference in the offense or even what the play at QB looked like. I don’t know what this team has to build around right now and they have yet to find their first win.

31. New York Giants (+0)

This is a heartbreaking loss because I can’t imagine a situation where things go better for the Giants even if you look at the grim reality of that situation. The Cowboys imploded, were dealing with major injuries, sustained major injuries, and the Giants still couldn’t come up with a win.

I still think New York has a stranglehold on the bottom of the power rankings, but the Giants have shown more.

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