Corey Davis will keep having success once A.J. Brown returns for Titans

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Mandatory Credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Titans WR Corey Davis looks great.

Right now if I asked Tennessee Titans fans which player has impressed them the most his season, I imagine people would overwhelmingly pick Ryan Tannehill on offense and Jeffery Simmons on defense.

However, Corey Davis is quietly stacking solid games on top of each other and is on pace for is best season in the NFL.

Every time I bring that up, the pushback seems to be that the only reason that Davis is having a big year is because he is because A.J. Brown is out. On the surface, this makes sense because I have always said that Corey Davis is a player who thrives with volume so fewer options should mean more volume, right?

Then again, the best part of the Titans offense under Arthur Smith (and assistant OC Ryan Tannehill) is that they have been big on running the hurry-up offense to make sure that they can take advantage of mismatches they see on the field. Does that mean that Corey Davis can keep up his volume if the Titans brain trust thinks that he is the biggest mismatch vs the “WR2” coverage he might be getting?

That was a lot to think about, so I went back and watched the offense in their three games this year to try to figure out whether we should expect Corey Davis to regress from what looks like a career year, or if we should expect him to keep making an impact regardless of who is around him.

When everything was said and done, my focus pushed me all the way back to 2019 to look at even more numbers, and long story short I think I figured out what the Titans passing game will look like this season. Let’s start with what 2020 has looked like with and without A.J. Brown.

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