Denver Broncos potentially lose Von Miller for season days before Titans game

Denver Broncos without Von Miller for Titans.

Massive news out of Denver, it looks like the Broncos will be without Von Miller for the Tennessee Titans game in Week 1 and he could potentially be out for the whole season.

Late on Tuesday, the news broke that there was an issue with Von Miller’s leg.  While the team hasn’t confirmed any reports, the rumors are flying around and none of the news is good news.

The Broncos roster is already depleted after cut down day where they decided to go thin at EDGE , and with Derrick Henry and the Tennessee Titans headed to Denver in 5 days, this is the worst possible timing.

It was first reported by Mike Garafolo and the echoed by Ian Rapoport, but it looks like the future is in doubt for the star EDGE.

Rarely does major news like this happen on Tuesday night, but this is one of those truly unfortunate injuries that happen at practice that no one can really explain.

The response to this injury is going to be divisive because there are going to be two crowds fighting this out. Some people will point to Von Miller’s stat line as a reason why this shouldn’t hurt your outlook on the Broncos that much.

To that end, Von Miller is going to be 31 this season and he is coming off of the worst year of his career, other than 2013 when he tore his ACL halfway through the season. People will point to his 8 sacks and think that is a reason why this is the time for Bradley Chubb to take over this as the best EDGE on this roster.

While I have hope for Chubb to be that guy someday, I would side with the other half of the crowd who understand that what Von Miller adds isn’t really quantifiable.

The 8-time Pro Bowl EDGE shines as a player who bends around offensive tackles with ease and whose influence causes problems for offensive coordinators before the game and quarterbacks after the ball is snapped. Just by being on the field, he forces teams to change the way they call plays.

For Tennessee Titans fans that don’t watch Von Miller a lot, just think about it like you do with Jadeveon Clowney except Miller is the inverse and he thrives vs the pass instead of thriving vs the run.

What does this mean going forward?

The bad news short term is that this is a catastrophic injury for the Broncos if they had any hopes of pushing for a playoff spot this season.

Long term, it means that the Denver Broncos are going to have to think long and hard about whether they want to keep or cut Von Miller after this year. As hard as it is for Broncos fans to hear, cutting him before his final season would free up $18 million in cap space in a season where the cap is going to be coming down significantly.

We are going to find out just how close to a Super Bowl that the Denver Broncos front office really thinks they are.


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