What Tennessee Titans cuts told us about each position

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Tennessee Titans wide receiver, Cody Hollister.

(Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images)

What the Titans told us.

Cut down day is hard around the NFL, but the one thing that you can’t deny about it is that every team (including the Tennessee Titans) have to be brutally honest about their team.

Yesterday we saw the Las Vegas Raiders trade a rookie that they drafted in the third round this year and a 6th round pick to the Miami Dolphins for a 4th round pick. That tells you something about the Raiders.

Whether the fans or the draft analysts who loved Lynn Bowden want to admit it, he wasn’t a steal.

Instead, the front office had to look at him and realize that they completely misunderstood what his value was to their team.

Whether that is a good move or not will be clear down the road, but the honesty in that move was that this coaching staff could not get what they needed to, out of him.

So, what good and bad truths did the Tennessee Titans reveal with their roster cuts, and what can we expect from each position group as we head into the 2020 NFL season?

Also, the Titans signed Jadeveon Clowney and while that isn’t technically a “roster cut” move, it is a move that they made that day so I am going to count it.

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