Add Quinnen Williams to the list of ideal trade targets between Titans and Jets

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(Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

The New York Jets need to take notes from the Miami Dolphins.

I made a list of ideal trade targets for the Tennessee Titans and New York Jets a week ago, but since then so much has already changed.

At that time, it looked like Jamal Adams was on his way out, but that didn’t mean that the Jets were going to completely burn their roster down. There were names out there like Yannick Ngakoue and A.J. Green that could be involved as pieces in a trade where the Jets come out with a blue-chip player to give a big deal to while remaining relevant.

Going even further, why not call up the Washington Football team and offer them Jamal Adams for a 1st round pick and Brandon Scherff and at least try to build draft capital while adding players to help or protect your young quarterback.

But, that isn’t what the Jets did with Jamal Adams and it wasn’t the last major change the defense would see in the last seven days.

I am a big believer in excellent drafting and being the key to revitalizing franchises, but it is incredibly rare that it happens in just a season and that is the only way that the Jets front office and head coach are going to survive this situation.

So let me tell you why they need to burn it down to the ground now, and why that includes a big name being added to the trade list between the Titans and Jets.

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