Tennessee Titans ideal trade targets from the Buffalo Bills

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Titans WR Nick Williams

(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

How can the Titans and Bills help each other?

It isn’t something that gets talked about a lot, but the Tennessee Titans and Buffalo Bills have a real rivalry.

Buffalo Bills fans remember the Titans as the team who “cheated” in the Music City Miracle (which is just completely untrue and anyone outside of Buffalo knows that) and the team that the beat once in the 2000s.

Titans fans remember the Bills as the team who won because of a Nick Williams dropped pass and a team that they have come maddeningly close to beating in their last three contests. Over those three games, the Titans have gone 0-3 despite the average margin of victory being just 3 points and neither team has scored more than 14 points in that time.

In fact, if your memory goes back far enough you might even remember when the Oilers had a slight hiccup against the Bills in the playoffs giving up a slight lead, but that wound is too deep to talk about right now.

Having said all of that, there are plenty of things that both sides can agree on. Right now, both hate the Houston Texans after the Bills lost that last second game against them in the playoffs last year.

They both also want to see Tom Brady and/or the New England Patriots struggle and collapse, and both fan bases love Quinton Spain, so it isn’t all bad blood.

In that spirit of togetherness, I wanted to take a look at how two teams with division championships on their mind, might be able to help guarantee a meeting in the playoffs. So, these are the big and small moves I would try to make if I was Titans GM Jon Robinson.

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