Titans young duo quickly becoming NFL’s best LB tandem

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(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

Rashaan Evans

Rashaan Evans comes from a rich history of Alabama linebackers that have made a name for themselves at the NFL level from Dont’a Hightower to CJ Mosley. But the crazy thing is, Evans might already be in the conversation with those former Alabama greats– and in just his second season.

Because, despite sharing the inside linebacker spot with Jayon Brown and a heavy rotation from the veteran Wesley Woodyard, Evans still puts together some pretty stacked stat sheets, even compared to his Crimson Tide counterparts.

Evans’ 111 combined tackles rank favorably against Hightower’s 2019 season, as well as CJ Mosley’s last full season in 2018. But not only that, Evans’ tackle numbers look good against the rest of the league as well.

Despite missing 14% of the Titans’ defensive snaps in 2019, Evans came away ranked 24th in tackles, while many of the names in front of him are either A) All-Pro players, B) Needed close to every team snap on defense to reach as high as they did or even more likely, C) All of the above. Add to those 111 tackles an impressive nine tackles for loss, and it shows just how much Rashaan Evans is making the most of his time on the field– time that should only be increasing as the second-year player continues to grow and earn more time on the field.

But Evans’ game can’t be defined by his stats alone. The linebacker is so much more than a good tackle number in a two-toned jersey. Rashaan Evans is a weapon on defense that can be used all over the field but excels especially in his ability to get in the backfield and wreck plays before they even have the chance to start.

Evans has had his hand in multiple goal-line stops already in his career, from 2018 against the Jaguars on fourth down to set up the greatest touchdown run in the history of football one play later, to be in the mix in stopping former Chargers’ running back Melvin Gordon multiple times to seal a win against Los Angeles– and that’s only to name a few.

Evans’ ability to read a defense and crash his way into the backfield is rare, and something that many linebackers don’t ever learn to the level that Evans already has. With a combination of quickness (seen here), strength, and instinct, Rashaan Evans is a young game-wrecker. And the perfect complement to his linebacker counterpart, Jayon Brown.

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