Pros and Cons of Vic Beasley not playing with the Titans in 2020

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What would Vic Beasley‘s absence mean for Titans?

Everyone knew that the Tennessee Titans signing Vic Beasley was a strange fit, even when the deal was announced.

I’m not saying that Beasley won’t be with the Titans this season, but even if he is with them soon it doesn’t mean that he won’t opt out before the deadline in a week. But this is a massive decision that could cause a domino effect through at least 2021 for Tennessee.

Before I go down that rabbit hole, let me remind you why Beasley shouldn’t necessarily be counted on even if he does show up.

Free agency officially started March 18th and in the week leading up to that date names and teams started leaking out. One of the last ones to come out was Vic Beasley to the Titans on a one year deal which came out on March 17th.

Well, the official start date came and went and there was no sign of Beasley. Even stranger, when the Titans did start announcing their free agents, the first three they announced were MyCole Pruitt, Ty Sambrailo and Nate Dzubnar from March 24th-26th.

It wasn’t until a full week later that they announced the signing of Beasley officially.

That is really strange, especially when you consider that Beasley was the only free agent the Titans brought in on a deal worth more than $10 million.

At first, the thought was that maybe that delayed signing was just a weird byproduct of the pandemic and some sort of physical he needed to take.

But now we learn that Beasley didn’t show up to camp with the rest of the veterans…alright, so what is the excuse now? And even the fact that fans have to ask that about a player on a one-year deal is ridiculous because if you are on a one year deal it likely means that this is one of the few teams that were really going to give you a shot.

With that in mind, let’s look at the Pros of Beasley showing up as well as the Cons.

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