4 Tennessee Titans who are at risk of being cut after 2020

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Titans QB Ryan Tannehill and linemen Ben Jones and Dennis Kelly

(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

A look into the future for the Tennessee Titans.

With training camp nearly here, I want to take one more look at some Tennessee Titans players who are at risk after the 2020 NFL season.

These are players that have to find a way to either reduce their cap hit or make themselves invaluable to the Titans between now and the end of the season or they will end up in the precarious situation of being “on the bubble” with age not necessarily on their side.

You may be asking what specific groups are “at risk” well, I didn’t have a perfect idea of it until this weekend when I read this tweet from a cap guru:

OTC is my favorite site to use when finding cap space and ways to mess around to create cap space, so when Jason talks, I listen.

So, we are looking for players who make $4-$9 million per year with the caveat that if you have a big cap hit and can be cut without a lot of dead money, you are also probably a pretty clear candidate to be “at risk” after 2020.

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