Titans join Chiefs, Bills as one of four teams with perfect continuity

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Possible issues

Now, no offense is without issues and there are places where I think a lack of continuity will still stand out.

Forcing Isaiah Wilson in

-I have a terrible feeling that Wilson is going to show up to camp out of shape. That is based on most rookies who make the jump, but with Wilson, that could mean showing up to camp closer to 400 lb. than 350 lb.

If the Titans try to get him on the field too soon to justify their selection, it is going to be bad for everyone. I should say that this is not something they typically do, but it is a concern of mine this season.


-Sure, Kalif Raymond is a nice vertical threat, but right now he is one injury away from being a focal point of this offense. I don’t think that is a great idea and I wish they would have been able to keep Tajae Sharpe who actually did a really good job in that role last year.

Is there another signing or trade to make? If so then it might be a good time to swap continuity for more talent because if not, then then I don’t think continuity is going to be enough to keep this offense running hot.