3 UDFAs most likely to make the Tennessee Titans roster

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UDFAs that have a real shot to be Titans.

Predicting an undrafted free agent who might make a roster is always difficult to do, but the Tennessee Titans have actually done a pretty good job finding under the radar talent after the draft.

For instance, UDFA Derick Roberson had 3 sacks last year in just 24 pass rush snaps, and to put that in perspective, Cameron Wake had 2.5 sacks in 181 pass rush snaps last year.

Then outside of the incredible outliers like that, you have (or had) guys who make up key depth like Isaiah Mack, Sharif Finch, Matt Dickerson, Dayln Dawkins, Joshua Kalu, and Kareem Orr.

So, undoubtedly there will be a UDFA who makes the Titans roster in 2020, now we just have to figure out which players have the best chance.

Some of it has to deal with opportunity, but the Titans have a long-term goal in mind and at the end of the day you can either play or you can’t in their eyes. So, opportunity is important but potential and versatility are king here.

After taking their sweet time, the Titans finally announced their UDFAs and they ended up with 14 names and in the depths of despair in quarantine, I tried to watch as much of those guys as I could.

These are the 3 that stand out as the most interesting and most likely to win a position on the depth chart.

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