Titans All-Pro’s photo celebrates Steve McNair at Mike Vrabel’s expense

Remembering Steve McNair on July 4th.

The Tennessee Titans have had a few talents that nearly everyone familiar with football knows, but Steve McNair was one of the first and maybe the greatest.

One All-Pro who you might not remember (which is a shame if you don’t) is former left tackle Brad Hopkins who actually started his career with the Houston Oilers, then the Tennessee Oilers, and finally the Tennessee Titans.

All of which are the same franchise in case people mistakenly think that the Texans have any claim to the history of the franchise just because they play football in the city of Houston.

On July 4th, 2009, the world found out about Steve McNair’s death and that has left a hole in the hearts of many Titans fans that still exists to this day.

Instead of sadness though, today Brad Hopkins brought a little bit of levity to the tragic reminder with a funny picture that blurs Titans success of the past with Titans success of now and beyond:

That picture features Steve McNair throwing a deep pass while Hopkins fends off Mike Vrabel, who you probably remember as the coach who just took the Titans to the AFC Championship game.

It is so strange to remember that it wasn’t so long ago that Mike Vrabel was actively trying to sack Steve McNair, tackle Eddie George, track down Drew Bennett, or outperform the likes of Albert Haynesworth and Kyle Vanden Bosch.

Titans fans remember these names as players ranging from fan-favorites (never disrespect Kyle Vanden Bosch to me) to legends, meanwhile, Mike Vrabel and the New England Patriots were one of the villans of NFL.

That picture is the perfect reminder of how quickly things change in the NFL and on a day like today where fans are reminding themselves of what Steve McNair meant to this football team, it is important to also consider that players on the team now should be appreciated for what they are doing.

As fans watch history in motion and think that these stars will always be there to heap praise on, don’t miss a chance to recognize the elite talents on this roster. Instead, appreciate the likes of Kevin Byard, Taylor Lewan, Derrick Henry, and others as fans (hopefully) are watching another roster that can take the Titans to the Super Bowl.

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