Tennessee Titans could use open coaching slots to promote diversity

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How the Titans could make the most of their coaching openings.

The Tennessee Titans have some coaching positions yet to be filled, and this may be the perfect opportunity to add more coaches to help this team.

Let me say this right off the bat, if you are a Titans fan then your #1 goal at any given moment should be to see that Tennessee is getting better both short and long term while making progress towards a championship.

No one wants to see a move made just to appease people, but hiring a new coach because:

1. You have fewer coaches than last year


2. These hires should make your team better

Is common sense, and maybe the league is more open to reevaluating coaches they had already written off for one reason or another.

Buried beneath the avalanche of coverage of COVID-19 and Cam Newton signing with the New England Patriots (both of which absolutely deserved attention), the MMQB had an excellent list of out of work coaches that could help teams. In the words of Albert Breer, here is how he described this list:

And that brings us to the opening the league will have in July and August. With training camps being so different, and work in smaller groups being necessary in some spots, it certainly stands to reason that teams may need an extra coach or two for the summer.

Over the years, there have been internship programs to fill those needs. But with even more on everyone’s plate this time around, I think this could be a chance for the league to get some coaches who are between jobs, and have experience, back on the field, So I made some calls, and came up with a list of some coaches who could be resources for teams in a most unusual summer.

First, let me tell you what the Titans need to add to their coaching staff.

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