5 Alabama players the Titans could target in 2020 NFL Supplemental Draft

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(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

You know the Tennessee Titans want as many SEC players as they can get.

I think it is fair to say that Tennessee Titans fans should question everything at this point as we prepare for the football season.

With the pandemic not going away and states reopening at a steady rate, it is fair to question if the NFL season will start on time. Especially when you consider the money that the league and the players stand to lose if they aren’t able to play a full season with full stadiums.

Even if we assume that the season starts (whenever it starts) and the NFL gets their dream scenario of a full season with full stadiums, that isn’t the only league in question.

The NCAA season is up in the air, and with so many schools spread across the country, it has to be a logistical nightmare to figure out how the teams can have a full season’s worth of games.

And that is the heart of the reason why this article is being written, we simply have no idea what the future holds for college football and the interlaced conferences that make up the majority of the top-25 rankings.

That fog of confusion should be enough to get prospects to consider jumping ship early to the NFL, especially prospects from the Alabama Crimson Tide. What are the rules of eligibility and why is Alabama being singled out? Let me explain.

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