Chiefs, Browns and Chargers among top-5 games for Titans in 2019

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(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Remembering some of the best games from the Tennessee Titans 2019 regular season.

I’ve sent the data to the lab and even crunched the numbers myself, and the results all come back the same, a conclusive: ‘2020 is the WORST year for sports fans, and maybe just the worst year in general.’ Meaning, there isn’t much to do by way of consuming new sports, so let’s go back and take in some old sports.

Specifically, I want to go back to last season. Back when the Tennessee Titans defied all odds and made the AFC Championship while still playing to expectations by finishing 9-7, the quintessential Titans win/loss record.

A regular season that started out bad and picked up steam towards the end for an overall product that felt like a moderate success was overshadowed by the indescribable triumph that began that postseason, where two wins against two heavily favored teams marked what are probably the first and second most important games of the Titans’ last decade. But everyone remembers the win against the Patriots and the Ravens, so let’s go back a bit further to that overshadowed regular season and talk about how Tennessee wound up in a position to pull those upsets in the first place.

Just like how every loss for a team hovering around .500 can feel crushing, every win can feel like euphoria. Those highs and lows are fun for watching, but when it came to leaving some of those exciting wins off the list for the purposes of making a top five, choosing which ones didn’t make the cut wasn’t easy. But I think I’ve narrowed it down to the five (really it’s six as you’ll see in a minute) best wins of the 2019 regular season.

Some made the list for their entertainment value, some for the drama, and some for their importance. But no matter why they’re on here, each of these wins deserves a deep dive. So, let’s dive.

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